Welcome to the ^HardCor3 clan site!

We are an international group of Call of Duty 1.1 players, known as  {HardCor3} | Clan since 23. November 2010 and still going strong!


We have one simple rule for all players, who want to join {HardCor3}:

Wait until we ask you to join!


Please dont spam requests in the chat or in our guestbook, we will not react to that. If you really play that good, we will notice that. If we see that your behavior is as great as your skills are, we will contact you.


We dont choose players only because they have a good score in 1 or 2 maps. What is more important for us, is your personality. We have a hard core of great players in our clan, players that are loyal, honest, teamworkers, social skilled, communicative and mature. At the end comes the gaming skill, which of course has to be above average too. It will help you, if we see you often in the game and know you a bit, so keep contact with our players ingame without being annyoing :)